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Ragno srl was founded in 1981 in Milan, in Via V. Monti n° 56, by Dario Davide Petriniani, the current President and Sole Director, who has been operating in that business since 1967.
In a few years, Ragno srl expanded its business operating in international trasportation by sea and air, with a strong predisposition in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, specialising in dangerous and temperature controlled goods.
In 1983 strong of a previous experience of its President in sea-voyaging, Ragno srl started shipping via "project cargo", managing significant orders in Africa.

Ragno srl has been carrying this busisness out with trades by land, sea and air, and with corrispondants in the major cities in Europe, USA, Canada and in the Far East.
Ragno srl has an office at the customs-house "Dogana Principale" in Milan Farini (next to Garibaldi railway station) and at the two airport of Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa. The customs office also performs the "Intrastat" activity on behalf of several customers.

For what concearns the maritime traffic, it has helpful and operative corrispondents at the ports of Genoa, Livorno and La Spezia.
In the goods-transit-warehouses (with a total surface of 1000 square meters) all the export-expeditions are coordinated, including the activities of integrated logistics, with custom-computer links at the request of our clients in various product-sectors.

Since 2006 Ragno srl develops transports and trade relations with Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

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